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Trojan Ultra Thin with Spermicide is a condom that is thinner than other latex condoms from Trojan. NOTE: Spermicidal lubricant provides additional protection against pregnancy only NOT extra protection against HIV and other STIs. Jul 23,  · Otherwise, there is not any reason to pick condoms with spermicidal lube over condoms using non-spermicidal lube. For the matter, there is also no advantage over using unlubricated condoms along with your favourite lubricant. Utilization Throughout Oral Sex: Condoms with a spermicidal lubricant are especially awful for oral intercourse.

Feb 01,  · Condoms do not have to be used with spermicides, but the spermicide may provide a back-up birth control method in case the condom breaks or leaks. Spread some spermicide on the outside of the condom, after it is unrolled over the penis. It is even more important that the female partner also use a spermicide inside the vagina. There are even condoms made with spermicidal lubricant, so as to act as better protection again an unplanned pregnancy. Still, non-monogamous couples, or couples who have a lot of sex, should be careful about using condoms with spermicidal lubricant.

Nov 06,  · A spermicide condom is coated with a chemical that kills sperm before they enter the uterus. Spermicide usually comes in the form of a jelly, although it can also be a cream, foam, or gel. The Author: Bethany Cadman. May 24,  · Nonoxynol-9 can kill sperm, and is used with some condom lubricants. When you are trying to choose the best spermicide lube, the most important factor to consider is effectiveness. It makes sense to choose a product that has been tested and is determined to be highly effective.