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Jan 24,  · Home care ensures that special needs adults live rich and fulfilling lives. People, regardless of disability, want to lead independent lives. Going to work, visiting friends, and going to . May 17,  · Adults with autism spectrum disorder — particularly those with high functioning autism or Asperger syndrome — can live healthy productive lives with the proper structure and Psych Central Staff.

‘Gently does it,’ caring for adults with autism. With autism rates at 1 in , you can be absolutely sure you have patients with autism in your practice. Practical tips ease transitions from pediatric care into adulthood, and easier ways to examine, care for and understand autistic . Apr 24,  · This guidance is for care workers and personal assistants who support adults with learning disabilities and autistic adults. The guidance will help care staff to.

Mar 27,  · Intergenerational Communities for Autistic Adults Communities that offer housing and services for young adults with autism are in the planning stages. One, OHANA Valley in Spokane, Washington, will have 30 special needs young adults . Apr 08,  · "Autistic adults and supporters almost uniformly complained about providers' lack of knowledge about autism in adults," according to a study. For that study, researchers interviewed 39 adults with ASD and 16 "supporters" – relatives and disability services workers – who accompany people with autism /5.

Health Challenges in Autism and Strategies for Care People with. autism need. consistency and can be especially sensitive to changes in their environment. Before the appointment, obtain and review the . Jun 10,  · As autistic people get older, they may suffer increasingly with poor health and as a result may transition to residential care. Very little is known about the support needs of older autistic adults in general, or their specific needs within residential care Author: Catherine J. Crompton, Cos Michael, Michael Dawson, Sue Fletcher-Watson.

Yes, if you are over 18 and have suspected or confirmed autism. For adults with autism who have a learning disability, a family member, partner or carer may need to help explain this information. Some autistic adults are completely dependent on parents or other caregivers, while others are able to live a semi-independent life. Resources for adults vary by state and community, but vocational training .