Movies: Batman fanfiction archive with over stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Chapter 16 contains adult content and should be skipped by those easily offended. I've tried to keep in line with the comics continuity, but frankly it changes too fast so some is closer to the animated DCU. First fanfic, reviews and flames welcome. EDIT: May 4th - .

This is the first fan-fiction I've ever read, and it was well worth it! It was a little heavier on the romance than I expected, but that's just my tastes. The concept/plot was fun, the characters stayed true to their origins, and the pace was good. Oct 11,  · This is from a prompt I saw somewhere. It's what the title says, the Justice League meeting varius members of the Batfamily. It's complete! There are a a few other fanfictions with similar storylines, that's because we're all using the same prompt. The artwork isn't mine. Hope yo.

Bad Day for Batman. The Search for the Oriental Ruby. The Happy Marine Chronicles. Mesmo Tickler. Turnabout is Fairplay. SUPERHEROINES. Batgirl 1. Batgirl 2. Batgirl 3. Batgirl 4. Batgirl Gas. Black Cat. Black Canary. Danger Girl. Day in the Life of Wonder Woman Part 1. Day in the Life of Wonder Woman Part 2. Day in the Life of Wonder Woman. superbat superman batman clarkkent brucewayne dc birdflash dickgrayson halbarry batfamily jasontodd damianwayne justiceleague clark bruce timdrake timkon youngjustice stony robin Stories Sort by: .

Jun 04,  · So. It's come to this. Superman sex. The sheer magnitude of Superman's love-making is crucial to the overarching plot of Garth Ennis' The Boys and at least two Kevin Smith films. The entire point of watching Lois & Clark was waiting for the inevitable series finale where Lois dies due to a vaporized uterus. There's even an essay by Larry Niven appropriately titled "Man of Steel, Woman of. Aug 14,  · im looking for a story i was just recently reading about dick grayson becoming the new batman. he gathers a harem of female superheroes including supergirl, wonder woman, batgirl, starfire, raven, and others. they save the world many times and even go into the marvel dimension to stop a .

Acacia Johnson. Inducted into the Bat Family at a young age. Girlfriend to Jason Todd. Secrets are soon being kept in Gotham with the young girl and Batman's number one villain, the Joker. Jason wants her because he truly loves her deep down, while something happens with the Joker that is a game. Fandom. The pairing is a fairly rare one in the DC Comics fandom. Nearly all of the fanfiction dedicated to the pairing appeared in early s and mainly posted to the only fanfiction archive online, Yellow On cumshotxx.xyz some of the earliest known writers in the pairing's fandom was Smitty, A.j., and cumshotxx.xyz the site is no longer updated, fans seem to have started using Archive of Our.