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Strabismus is the term used to describe any misalignment of the eyes in which the eyes fail to work in tandem to focus on and track objects correctly. While strabismus is a common pediatric eye condition, it can also affect adults, causing them to experience somewhat different symptoms and impacts compared to younger patients. Myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune illness that stops nerves from telling the muscles what to do. Early signs include double vision and drooping eyelids. Graves' disease, a thyroid condition that.

Jul 30,  · Double vision, or diplopia, can result from a range of underlying conditions. Diplopia can affect just one eye or both. A childhood squint, or eye turn, . Recent findings: Satisfaction with prismatic correction is achieved in approximately 80% of all adult patients with diplopia when combining the causes. Of patients with vertical diplopia, skew deviation and fourth nerve palsy have the highest satisfaction rates, and 92%, respectively.

Diagnosing Double Vision in Adults NYU Langone specialists are experts at diagnosing double vision, also called diplopia, in which a person sees two images instead of one.