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Core beliefs are a person’s most central ideas about themselves, others, and the world. These beliefs act like a lens through which every situation and life experience is seen. In cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), core beliefs are thought to underlie automatic thoughts. The core mission of the Adult Care Licensing Program is to optimize the health, safety, and quality of life of adults in community care facilities through the administration of an effective, collaborative, and regulatory enforcement system that emphasizes harm prevention and proper and timely compliance.

The Adult Corrections Officer Supplemental Core Course consists of a minimum of 56 hours of instruction in specific performance instructional objectives. It is designed for the adult corrections officer who has previously completed the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Basic Academy Course. The Child and Adult Core Sets of quality measures for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are key indicators of the access to—and quality of—the health care Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries receive.

The Core Set History table (PDF, KB) provides a history of the measures included in the Child and Adult Core Sets. The Adult Core Set includes several measures focused on behavioral health. These along with similarly focused measures from the Child Core Set have been identified as a Behavioral Health Core Set (PDF, KB). States can voluntarily collect the Adult Core Set (PDF, KB) measures by using the Technical Specifications and Resource Manual (PDF, MB). A summary of updates (PDF, KB) to the adult core set technical specifications and resource manual for federal fiscal year (FFY) is also available.

Technical Assistance to Support State Reporting of the Child and Adult Core Sets for FFY – May 21, Presentation slides (PDF, KB) Listen to the presentation Read the transcript (PDF, KB) Technical Assistance Webinar on the Dental Sealant Measure in the Child Core Set - November 12, ***** The Adult Core Set includes the NCQA version of the measure, which is adapted from the AHRQ measure (NQF #). This measure is part of the Behavioral Health Core Set. The complete list of Behavioral Health Core Set measures is available at.

Build capacity of up to 10 states to report high-quality (i.e., accurate and complete) HIV viral suppression data to Medicaid with the goal of improving reporting of the viral suppression measure (HVL-AD) to CMS as part of annual reporting of the Medicaid Adult Core Set (Implementation Phase).