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Guilt accompanies loss and grief because the adopted individual believes that they are being disloyal to the people who adopted, loved and raised them. They do not want to hurt or betray their adoptive mother or father. Counselling for adult adoptees Being separated from your birth parents (mother) is a loss that all adoptees share in common. The impact of this varies from person to person. You may experience this as an ongoing pain and emptiness, or you may experience this as a curiosity about your biological parents and a need to contact them.

Mar 02,  · Fact is, most adult adoptees I’ve met are quite loyal, and try even harder to make relationships work. They’re a good bet for a long-lasting relationship and can learn to . Jul 08,  · Adoptees are always looking for similarities, yet finding differences (which they notice more readily than the adoptive parents). Sadness/depression: loss of mother/identity External responses: By the time an adoptee becomes an adult, there is often very little understanding of what those genetic traits are except for the physical ones.

Aug 13,  · What causes me anger as an adoptee was having to hold back my feelings as a child, and of course still now as an adult, with my adoptive parents in order to protect their feelings, as if theirs were the only ones that mattered, and they certainly made it loud and clear that theirs mattered more than mine when it came to wanting to search for my.